Apart from helping you take time off and unwind, vacations should also leave unforgettable memories of unending fun and happiness.


Hotel Activities

Whether you choose to get immersed in the mesmerising landscape around or wish to indulge in adrenaline pumping recreational activities, we have an exceptional range of programs to keep you in smiles and add sparkle to your holidays in Wayanad. From an array of incredible sightseeing trips to verdant tourist spots, fun and recreational opportunities, and spa treatments, Indriya Wayanad is home to a range of relaxing and invigorating activities. Here is a chance to be at one with the picturesque beauty of Wayanad, while enjoying some fun-filled activities at the lap of nature!


Area Activities

No matter how positive you feel during most part of your hectic days, dealing with extreme negativity and strenuous demands from people around can leave you completely drained many times. Whether you are weighed down by work pressures or stressful situations on a personal front, we can offer you a whole range of exclusive activities to drive negative forces and recharge when you feel completely deflated. From exciting outdoor activities to the lavishness and fun indoors, discover the ravishing beauty and charm of this exceptionally alluring and tranquil destination.


Area Guide

Idyllically nestled amid the tranquil and verdant Western Ghats, towards the south of Deccan Plateau, Wayanad is an exotic tourist destination. A UNESCO world heritage, and a must-see destination for all nature enthusiasts, Wayanad is home to lush tropical forests, mystic mountains, and verdant tea gardens. An overwhelmingly beautiful location with endless display of greenery in opulence, Wayanad is a renowned tourist spot that attracts thousands of vacationers from all over the world.